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I'm Eryka Kristen

I am a perfectly, imperfect black woman trying to spread light wherever I go! I am a mother of two amazing, handsome & accident-prone boys, that keep me busy and entertained almost daily! 

I'm kind of a gypsy and sort of a nomad. I travel the world and create. 


After obtaining my degree in Visual Communication at FIDM, I spent a lot of time in Los Angeles working with other creatives as a Fashion Stylist before finally falling into a passion for online Brand Design & Strategy 6 years ago.


My goal is to help black women create gorgeous brands that compete in their power to engage and convert their ideal clients, and allows them to position themselves as experts in their market.


I pride myself on my ability to deliver your vision with care, and attentiveness, all while keeping you calm and excited about getting your brand out there!


I'm here for you sis!!!

"We win because when we are scared as hell, we do it anyway. Hands sweating & body shaking, we do it!"

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This is where it all begins...

It's time to build a brand that you're proud of
and most importantly makes your clients drool.

Pick the best day and time to speak and
I will meet you on the other end of the line.

Have questions about my pricing or my services? Click here

Not ready to schedule, but have a question? email me at

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